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January 31, 2020

Britain leaves the European Union

Amid the twists and turns of the Brexit crisis, the most dramatic diplomatic change in the world since the empire’s collapse could be an anticlimax of sorts: a transition period retains membership in all but name until the end of 2020. Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave a little hint about what the future holds, promising only to restore people and business trust.

“We’re going to be out of the EU, free to develop our own path as a sovereign nation,” said Johnson, the New York-born face of the EU exit movement.

But the referendum on Brexit in June 2016 saw a nation divided over Europe and prompted soul-searching over everything from independence and immigration to capitalism, imperialism and modern Britishness.

Brexit exacerbated strains could even cause the UK to break up: England and Wales voted to leave the bloc but Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay.

Elsewhere, the EU will bid farewell to 15 percent of its economy, the largest military expenditure, and the City of London, the international financial capital of the world.

Some are going to celebrate Brexit, some are going to sob-but there are many Britons who won’t do either.

At home, government ads announce the exit date of Jan. 31, while a newly minted 50-pence coin marks the culmination of 47 years of membership by imploring “peace, prosperity, and goodwill with all nations”

Brexiteers wanted bells to toll across the land but Big Ben must remain silent after a campaign failed to get it to’ bong for Brexit;’ after repair work, it was too costly.

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