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February 27, 2020

Congress leaders meet President over Delhi crisis

Home Minister Amit Shah should be sacked for “abdicating” his duties, and both the center and the government of Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi had been “mute spectators” in the clashes that claimed at least 34 lives, Congress president Sonia Gandhi said today after meeting the president with a delegation from the party.

“We urged the President to take advantage of his power to protect Rajdharma,” said former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, condemning the violence in which more than 200 were wounded.

Sonia Gandhi, who blamed both the ruling BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), said: “The center and the newly elected Delhi government were silent spectators of the violence.” The Congress demanded the resignation of Amit Shah over the violence that broke out between groups against and in support of the controversial CAA citizenship law on Sunday evening in northeastern Delhi.

The spiraling violence took a violent turn over the course of four days and police were accused of effectively failing to control street protests, vandalism, arson and stone-throwing.

“Rashtrapati ji, under the Constitution of India, you have the highest possible responsibility: to serve as the protector of this Government’s conscience and to remind it of its constitutional duty and the values of Raj Dharma, to which any just government must adhere,” the Congress said in its memorandum.

“We call on you and the Constitutional Office you hold to preserve, secure and protect the lives, freedoms and property of the citizens. We also reiterate that you should immediately call for the removal of the Home Minister, given the gross ineptitude, the abdication of duty and his inability to contain the situation.”

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