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February 5, 2020

Trump refuses handshake with Pelosi, gets his speech torn in return

U.S. President Donald Trump snubbed U.S. House of Representative Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is one of his fiercest critics, before his State of the Union address, refusing to shake hands with the top Democrat. She later ripped apart the copy of his speech which he handed over to Pelosi.

When Nancy Pelosi reached out her hand to greet Donald Trump, she was given a copy of his address by the President.

At his State of the Union speech, the bitter feud between Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi boiled over with Trump snubbing her outstretched hand first and then tearing a copy of his remarks behind his back.

According to Reuters, President Trump, emerging from the shadow of impeachment, Democratic lawmakers stared down on Tuesday trying to kick him out of the office and snubbed Nancy Pelosi at the State of the Union speech he used to shout a rosy picture of the US economy and its leadership.

In the early portion of his pugnacious speech, Trump avoided the subject of his impeachment, but the wounds from the war were visible with fellow Republicans granting him standing ovations while rival Democrats remained largely seated.

On Wednesday, the Republican-led Senate was scheduled to acquit him of charges he abused his authority and obstructed Congress.

Seeing Pelosi, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, he refused to shake her outstretched hand for the first time since she stormed out of a White House meeting four months ago as he sent her a copy of his speech.

Pelosi, who hasn’t spoken to Trump since their last encounter, seemed to be taken aback. She avoided mentioning the usual “high honor and distinct respect” that usually accompanies the president’s presentation to Congress by the speaker.

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